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Using the science of habit building and the LIFE HABITS systems, our team partners with you to help you efficiently and effectively become organised to live the life you deserve

Habit Building

Using the psychology of habit building; we will understand your current habits and work to build habits that will help bring you closer to and organised home and life and keep it that way

Ongoing Support

Private social networks and a dedicated LIFE HABITS team are there to support you every step of the way to ensure that you will get to where you want at the end of the day

Get Results

We guarantee results with any of our products or services. Your time and trust is important. If there are no proven results after implementing our products/services, we'll refund you - it's that easy

Hi, I’m Janet and the owner of Life Habits Consulting. We’re here to help you on your journey to regain peace and feel on top of things at home again. You might be reading this because you feel that you’ve been spread a little too thin getting to the next stage in your career, juggling your social networks, making sure you’re eating right and going to the gym and on top of this, maybe you’ve got a young family you’re taking care of. You feel so embarrassed that you have yet again misplaced those Louboutins for a girl’s night out after a full work week packed with meetings – and, you’re running late. You are ashamed of what your friends and peers will think of you when they see the piles of dishes and laundry from last month. You’re successful at work and are highly educated, ‘surely I can do these with my eyes closed!’ you think to yourself. But where do you start? The sheer thought of this makes your heart sink and you just want to sleep in a little longer, and you can do it when you’re home from trying that new restaurant with raving reviews. These things never get done and the piles keep getting bigger, until you need to dedicate an entire weekend just to do laundry, dishes and clean your home. It happens all the time. When you’re out, you secretly pray a little happy prayer that you’re eating out and not having anybody over to see your mess – and neither do you too! But you are thinking about it in the back of your mind. The clutter never goes away wherever you are. Have you tried one of those Groupon deals where somebody comes to clean your place? It’s good for a bit, but after only a week, it’s back to square one. I’m here to help stop this cycle. I was that very person before and I have since implementing the psychology of habit formation and positive psychology, I have transformed my home and many other clients’ homes into a beautiful sanctuary. Find out how we can help you.¬†Alternatively,¬†schedule a free chat and let’s see where we can start to make your home more organised for life!


Institute of Professional Organisers

Association of Image Consultants International


B. Design in Visual Communication (hons), University of Technology, Sydney

Master of Business Administration, University of Technology, Sydney


Notes of love and appreciation from some of our happy clients


Management Consultant, Sydney

"As a consultant, I work long hours and often, I'd rummage through second or third day clothes for work. I knew this wasn't working so I did what most bachelors do - buy more clothes.

Before long, I realised that I was drowning in clothes and my apartment was swallowed by work clothes everywhere. So I bit the bullet and called LIFE HABITS.

I realised that I wasn't investing in only wardrobe organisation, I was investing in my overall sanity and a self-cleansing and automated system (once we worked out what simple habits I had to adopt). This was a keystone habit that has literally changed my life. I cannot thank Janet and her team enough. I can finally say that I dress my best and my apartment is organised!"


Financial Executive & Mother, Hong Kong

"Living in Hong Kong, real estate is a premium and even though I was prepared to share a small wardrobe with my new husband, I had no idea that it would be so difficult. Since the birth of our son, I had to put half the clothes in our study and half in our bedroom wardrobe. It was a hassle to get ready in the morning.

We have a full-time housekeeper, but clean does NOT mean organised. When I found 5 pairs of the same trousers, I knew something had to change - and fast.

LIFE HABITS has helped me assess my possessions, arrange items in easily accessible manner and I'm proud to say I am down to one wardrobe now, and getting ready to work is a breeze. Thank you!"


Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

"The LIFE HABITS team has helped me tackle the paper clutter in my home and office and much more. I used to always have multiple homes for items and inevitably, I would not remember which 'home' it was.

Initially, I thought that if the paper clutter was handled, then my life will be smooth sailing, and I could focus on what really mattered, growing my business. However, LIFE HABITS taught me that it is really in the little habits to keep my paper clutter at bay.

Now, a year has passed, and my paper system is perfect and works seamlessly amongst the two spaces using digital methods and clever filing solutions. I would highly recommend this service for anybody who needs a little nudge in the right direction."

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